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Our Story

In almost every aspect of business, community, churches and non-profits are individuals that are in a place of responsibility and/or leadership that have not had proper training.  For example, the sales representative that accelerated the company by meeting various sales goals.  Because of this person's great accomplishments, they are put in a place to supervise their peers; only to fail without proper training or this is not the right seat for them.

This is why With Purpose exists - to bring training and an awareness of making sure that each person is equipped for the position that they are in or want to be in.  In addition, we have the passion, education and knowledge to provide the tools for each person to implement so that the organization succeeds.  Remember, the smallest stone creates ripples.

Our Vision

What motivates us is knowing that everyone has a purpose; there is a reason you are alive!  Partnering with you and your team through various avenues allows us to "get the right people on the right bus, sitting in the right seat" (Jim Collins).

We want you to be successful by learning from the past, applying various disciplines today that will keep you moving tomorrow.

Meet the Team

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Chris Aird

Leadership & Business Consultant

Drawing on 25 years of leadership experience, Chris remains passionate about developing people and helping them find their purpose and their potential so they will be their best. With encouragement, education, and empowering skills, he provides opportunities for leadership and organizational development

Moving forward and leading with change from the inside out, Chris continues to help various Boards, executives, leaders, and teams. He uses a collaborative approach with companies and people to help them determine their vision and then identify a plan to help them achieve goal-oriented results for their professional and personal lives. His areas of expertise include: communication, organizational development, organizational change, succession planning, individual/team coaching, team-building, leadership development, leadership retreats, and recruiting of leadership.

To influence these countless leaders, he uses various skills that include active listening, observing, accountability, integrity, problem-solving, forward thinking, and motivation. These and more assist in leadership and organizational development that provide needed results for the customer and community.

Chris holds a Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership, teaches his passion at Grand Canyon University in Phoenix Arizona and is a speaker-coach in the TEDx community.

Matt Mug

Matt Boyer

Marketing Executive

Matt attained an Associates Degree in Organizational Management and a certificate in Total Quality Management from Estrella Mountain Community College.  Wanting to move forward, he, earned a bachelor’s degree in business management and marketing from the University of Phoenix.

Growing up in a small town named Somerset, Pennsylvania wasn’t always easy. He always knew he wanted to move out of such a slow nook and some day would. Two days after graduating from high school, Matt left for the United States Air Force that moved him to Phoenix, Arizona.  While in the Air Force, he was recognized with an Achievement Medal (First Oak Leaf Cluster), Training Achievement Ribbon, National Defense Ribbon, Outstanding Unit Ribbon, Good Conduct Medal and Longevity Service Award.

After separating from the US Air Force, he was hired at the Phoenix Job Corps Center were he spent his next ten years of employment.  Job Corps is a Department of Labor funded program that provides GED/High School Diploma class, vocational skills certification, college classes and job placement services for under age at-risk youth.  As the Social Development Director, his responsibilities of a 24 hours/7 days a week included the management of the Residential, Recreation, Student Government, Student Store, Center Protection, Transportation, Center Switchboard, Center Mail room, the College program and managing all major incidents/mishaps on Center.

Wanting continued growth, Matt moved into the education sector of elementary schools.  He was in a management position within the implementation department of the Arizona Supplemental Educational Services for 5 years.  His primary goal was to positively affect elementary students through their academic and social experiences.

Following his brief time in education, he began to pursue strategic marketing primarily for small business.  Over the duration of the last 10 years, Matt has been working with small businesses developing their marketing plans to expand their business for long term growth.  It is very rewarding to be able to work with so many diversified businesses and experience their positive growth.

Family first, being married to my beautiful wife and a father of 3 boys and a little girl is the most rewarding responsibility that he cherishes the most.

B Pickett

Brandon Pickett

Leadership Development Consultant

Brandon's internal drive and passion comes through in helping others.  he has five years of managerial experiences as well as over 15 years of experience and knowledge within different organizations and fields.  This experience comes from programs for children and adults with mental health and cognitive disabilities, family dynamics, special / general education structure and classroom success/functions, social services, and adults with personal goals and/or struggles.

To inspire desired outcomes, Brandon employs a variety of skills that include accountability, integrity, honesty, observation, interpersonal assessment, evaluation of environmental factors, problem-solving, and positive reinforcement.  His skills encompass strategic planning both individually and organizationally, communication, team leadership, team building, training development and execution, and community/ individual development.

Brandon holds a Bachelor's degree in Applied Behavioral Analysis and a Master's degree in Business Leadership.  he continues to provide resources and training to the community throughout Arizona.


Brian Aird

Business Development

Brian realizes the importance of positioning one's organization within the community as the business of choice when a customer is in need of your service.

This market positioning is accomplished through standard means such as PR, media releases, advertising, etc.  However, each member of the organization needs to be a marketer.

As a member of the With Purpose team, Brian will join with team members within your company to fully engage each member of the business. Together, we will accomplish a complete marketing and fund raising/development plan utilizing minimal resources to achieve success.

Brian has 30 years of successful fundraising and marketing experience which includes various non-profits and church ministries.


Lisa Aird

Executive Assistant

Lisa is passionate about empowering women and helping them achieve their best. This passion has been shared with many women in leadership and has helped numerous women develop themselves into leadership.

She draws from over 25 years of leadership experience which includes eighteen years of customer service in the title industry and seven years as an Executive Director in a not-for-profit organization; all while mentoring others.

Her approach provides women with a compassionate and empowering view of themselves and the fulfillment of purpose within their lives.  She assists individuals and companies determine their vision and then identify a plan to help them achieve the vision for their personal and professional lives.

Her areas of expertise include: customer service, communication, organizational change, individual/team coaching, team-building, and leadership development.

Next steps...

We're happy to answer any questions or comments you might have.  Please feel free to contact us for a free hour to see how we might be a good fit.