Puppies!  Who doesn’t love them.  They’re cute from the smell of puppy breath, maybe their fluffy fur, pouncing, little howling and barking to just their overall cuteness!  Yes, I am a dog lover.

For a puppy, climbing up the stairs can come easy to them.  Teaching a puppy (or a dog for that matter) to come down the stairs can be a lot of work, time, and a good amount of patience.  Climbing down the stairs can seem almost impossible and after encouragement, help or assistance, a reward system, and then repeating; it becomes easier.  You have built up their confidence.

We are not so different.  For all of us (if we’re honest), doing something for the first few times may not be necessarily impossible but could bring a feeling that we will not accomplish it.  Here might be some feelings or ideas that set in: nervousness, anxiety, fear of the unknown, mistakes, failures, the past, and the list can go on.

Here is the positive side of not being so different.   We could thrive and accomplish things or work under encouragement, incentives, patience, work, time, and continued repetition. People thrive under being led and not managed, partnered with and empowered. We build up each other’s confidence.

With Purpose, brings to you and your clients; encouragement, education, and empowerment.  We desire for people to be successful, to be confident, to know what their purpose is, to allow them to see their value and how all of this is translated in their self, families, workplace, and community.

When was the last time someone partnered with you to bring your potential out?  To see that you could do something when maybe you didn’t see it or needed confirmation and affirmation? What does your organization do to encourage, educate, and empower you?