I was thinking back the other day to when I was 12 years old living in Oregon.  A family friend was a helicopter pilot and a couple times a week, I was picked up and/or dropped off to work for him.  I was appreciative for the work (really money) but what I received was more than dollars.  He provided me a way to learn how to work, commit, and persevere.

My main job for him (in addition to doing yard work) was to chop wood. Not doing this task until that moment, I remember being taught to sharpen the axe because a dull axe meant harder work. I also learned that spending time to sharpening the axe, meant less energy on my part and more effectiveness to the task at hand. A lot of time and energy was saved and not wasted.  Essentially at 12 years old, I learned to work smarter, not harder.  I also learned to plan my day to that would schedule my priorities.

How many of us are spending unnecessary energy because we are working with dull axes? What areas of our personal lives and businesses do we need to sharpen so that we are more effective and focused?   Your “axe” can be anything such as reading, communication, conflict management, finances, employees, team building, and so much more!

Don’t get so busy that your ax becomes dull. Set aside time to work to sharpen your axe before putting it to use.  This will allow you to slice through problems, obstacles, and difficult situations, while promoting effective work, commitment, and perseverance!

How can With Purpose help you through this process?