Behold the toolbox!

It is the noble companion of the successful DIY (do it yourselfer) when it comes to meeting the demands of maintaining one’s home, reducing costs and keeping the spouse happy by crossing off item after item on the to-do list.

It is the constant friend because within the confines of this heavily constructed goldmine lies the needed tools.  Tools to showcase one’s prowess when it comes to conquering the work at home, impressing the members of the household and obtain the complete satisfaction of enjoying a job well done.  Some of these handy items include pliers, screwdrivers, assorted wrenches, nuts and bolts, etc.

Ah, yes, there are smiles all around when the toolbox is summoned.

However, sadly, there are times in the handyman’s life that even the mighty toolbox is not equal to the task nor are they.  Examples of being woefully inadequate could include the need for plumbing repair, electrical wiring, roofing needs, etc.

That is when the need for a different “toolbox” is required and a repair person with a particular skill set.  In other words, even the most experienced DIYer has limitations and must call upon a more skilled professional.

So, it is in the business world.

For the average CEO or other executive in a business or company, each has a business “toolbox.”  Generally, this toolbox serves them and in turn their company well.  They may pull out the “tool” of time management, or sale incentives, or some morale boosting emphasis within the company.  Sometime these tools work and the minor adjustments through the pliers of time management or the wrench of sale incentives work.

However, as with one’s home, there may be a major repair needed or even more so preventive maintenance is needed to avert a disaster and work is done prior to that possible event happening.  As with the individual DIYer, the business team has their limitation and an expert with a different set of tools in their toolbox needs to be utilized.

This is where With Purpose comes along side of you and your business and selects the right leadership tools to support and provide solutions for your team management and leadership needs.  We open up our “toolbox” and apply our skills and experience to meet and prevent the potential leadership challenges of your important business venture.