Executive Consulting

in an executive environment is one of the most effect management development tools for leading and is an investment that will pay immediate returns as well as long-term gains.

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Business Development

helps you and your team develop an integrated strategic plan that builds a clear vision and in unison for the continued success of your business.

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Leadership & Team Development

is one of the most effective and productive tools within an organization.  Investing in personnel is essential for change in today's complex and competitive environment.

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Keynote Speaker & Trainer

Being a successful leader is much more than applying learned and experienced behaviors.

As a certified speaker with the John Maxwell Team, we speak on a variety of topics. Contact us for your next event!

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Sales & Sales Leadership Assessments

Increasing sales requires a focus on each prospects’ individual buying style and our Sales Impact Report and Workshop provides unique insight for everyone on your sales team.

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Communication Impact Assessment

provides valuable insight into how to communicate in a way that focuses on your strengths as well as to whom you are communicating. By applying the right communication strategies with each individual, you begin to speak their language, increasing the effectiveness of communication and deepening connection.

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Team Collaboration Workshops

Creating and sustaining high performance collaboration requires an intentional approach and a clear understanding of the foundation of high performance collaboration and how we can bring our best to the team.

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D.I.S.C. Personality Assessments

DISC is a type of personality and human behavior assessment. The DISC profiles consist of four different behavioral personality types: Drive, Influence, Steadiness, and Compliance.

DISC is essential in helping you know who to hire and how to develop a stronger sense of team unity.

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Our Bottom Line

Think of an umbrella.  The canvas of the umbrella is your life or the organization that you work for. As you open the canvas, we'll call it "Organizational Development", there are all these wire supports that lift and support that canvas.  These supports include conflict management, setting goals (corporate & individual), strategic planning, Board development, employee/team training & developing, creating vision, working with personalities, and so much more.

Our bottom line is your bottom line; people!  Without them, you don't have a place to work, income, a team, clients/customers or relationships.  Our mission is to encourage, educate and empower you and those around you!  We do this with active listening skills, asking questions, being relational, and bringing a competitive advantage through experience and education.


Next Steps...

It is shared that we are easy to talk to and provide results that reflect our time together. Take a moment to better you and those around you by contacting us today. We offer you a complimentary hour to see if we are a good fit for you.