bus seats

Our Story

In almost every aspect of business, community, churches and non-profits are individuals that are in a place of responsibility and/or leadership that have not had proper training.  For example, the sales representative that accelerated the company by meeting various sales goals.  Because of this person's great accomplishments, they are put in a place to supervise their peers; only to fail without proper training or this is not the right seat for them.

This is why With Purpose exists - to bring training and an awareness of making sure that each person is equipped for the position that they are in or want to be in.  In addition, we have the passion, education and knowledge to provide the tools for each person to implement so that the organization succeeds.  Remember, the smallest stone creates ripples.

Our Vision

What motivates us is knowing that everyone has a purpose; there is a reason you are alive!  Partnering with you and your team through various avenues allows us to "get the right people on the right bus, sitting in the right seat" (Jim Collins).

We want you to be successful by learning from the past, applying various disciplines today that will keep you moving tomorrow.

Next steps...

We're happy to answer any questions or comments you might have.  Please feel free to contact us for a free hour to see how we might be a good fit.