Are You Under the Truck?

The huge over 6' 5" man stood in the doorway of the office and completely engulfed the entrance way.

He asked the busy secretary where he might find the boss.  The secretary paused in her phone call, cupped her hand over the phone's mouthpiece and said that he was out back and that she would be right with him.

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With Resolute Purpose

It is the wise leader who consults with the many to gain a variety of perspectives.  Yes, the ultimate decision belongs to the owner, but it is also the wise leader/owner who gathers from the pool of these educated and experienced individuals to map out the best plan of action and strategy.

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Business Reflections

“Your business and results are a reflection of you. Your business and results will grow in direct proportion to your own growth.” (James Arthur Ray)

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Review for Revenue

Often as business owners we feel that we have "got this."  But often an official "appraiser" needs to be summoned to either verify that our business operations are producing maximum effectiveness or in need of some moderate adjustments.

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Looking Back (Reflection)

Let me ask you this: What are your goals for 2019, 2020, 2023 or even 2028? Seems too far out?  Maybe.  But if you don't think about where you want to be within those years, how are you going to create an action plan to get there?

Balancing goals and reality can be a difficult line to walk. With Purpose is helping people and businesses in this area and more.

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Fezziwig Effect

"Was there ever such an employer." (Scrooge – Charles Dickens)

This classic transformational change in a miserly man's heart captures the essence of the reformation that can occur not only during this special time of the year, but experienced throughout the year.

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Strength of Vision

The day had arrived for Pat as she returned to the homeless eye clinic.  She was excited because her new glasses had arrived.

Pat was ushered into the room and when that special moment arrived the glasses were fitted and adjusted over her eyes.  Satisfied with the process, the optometrist asked, "Well, Pat, what do you think?"

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The importance of a checklist cannot be underscored enough. In fact, without sounding too melodramatic, it may mean life or death if the items on the checklist are not followed.

In actuality, the devising of a checklist was born from such a life and death situation.

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This is a Football!

"The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined effort of each individual" (Vince Lombardi).

There was no talk of past achievements, no words of sympathy for the devastating loss there was only focus…focus on the rudiments of the game.

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Beauty of Change

The changing seasons are a testimony of the transformation that occurs in our physical world and environment.  Physical changes are also reflected back at us as when we look in the mirror and see that individual with a few more gray hairs or additional smile lines.

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Which Toolbox?

Behold the toolbox!

It is the noble companion of the successful DIY (do it yourselfer) when it comes to meeting the demands of maintaining one's home, reducing costs and keeping the spouse happy by crossing off item after item on the to-do list.

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What Is Your Value?

A well known speaker started off his seminar by holding up a $20 bill. In the room of two hundred, he asked, "Who would like this $20 bill?" Hands immediately started going up.

"I am going to give this $20 bill to one of you but first, let me do this."

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Sharpen Your Axe

I remember being taught to sharpen the axe because a dull axe meant harder work. I also learned that spending time to sharpening the axe, meant less energy on my part and more effectiveness to the task at hand.

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Invest In Others

The last person presented before the king was an elderly woman. Her manner was quite humble, as was her dress. She hardly looked the part of someone who would be honored as the greatest subject in the kingdom.

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